I have taken the plunge, a leap of faith, a giant step forward. I am moving to Armidale next year to become a full-time student again. After much soul searching, I have decided to give up a 10-year career in IT and gave notice at work yesterday. It was really sad but everyone was really supportive and happy for me. I’m really gonna miss everyone but this is something that is now beyond my control. After the events of last week at URSS and the many wonderful people that I’ve met, I no longer feel at home here in my 9 to 5 job in the city. My official last day at work is Friday 24th January 2014.

But the hardest thing about my decision was telling Mum. To say that she was shocked and worried when I first broke the news to her would be an understatement. Eventually she came around and I managed to convince her that this decision was for the best. Now that she’s on board, she can’t wait to help me relocate to my new home and see the beauty and wonder of Armidale with her own eyes.

I’m now in the process of finding accommodation so I thought what better way to settle in to my new identity as a ‘Nomadic Scholar’ than by living in College! As I filled in my online application form on the StarRez Portal, Step 4 required a Personal Statement which asked the following question.

What do you expect to gain by living at College and how will you contribute positively to College? (maximum 800 words)

I only managed 324 words but I reckon what I’ve written so far is enough to get me over the line. Here is what I submitted…

I would like to experience college life and take advantage of the many opportunities that collegial learning has to offer. By living with fellow students and peers, I hope to make long-lasting friendships and relationships, and share my knowledge and experience with others. Conversely, I aim to learn from other people by exchanging thoughts and ideas in a social environment and outside the classroom.

I am a keen sportsman; living an active lifestyle by playing tennis socially on a weekly basis, as well as recreational running, swimming, yoga and gym. I hope to continue these activities and meet other sports-minded individuals while at college.

I am also a musician; I play the piano and would like to join a music choir this year, to fulfil my love of singing and the arts. My other interests include chess, creative writing and philosophy. I wish to develop these interests by engaging other college students and getting involved with various clubs and societies at university.

As a second-year Bachelor of Science student, I can provide academic support and guidance to first-year students who might be struggling with their studies, particularly in Mathematics and Chemistry. I have also been offered casual employment as a tutor in STAT100 in Trimester 2.

I was also recognised as a Vice Chancellor’s Scholar in 2013 for outstanding academic performance and was fortunate enough to receive a School of Science and Technology scholarship, valued at $4000. With this scholarship money, I will commence a research project with the Discipline of Chemistry in February 2014, entitled ‘Computational Analysis of Biomolecular Systems’.

With my diverse interests in sport, music and the arts, in addition to my strong academic record, I hope to make a positive contribution to college life and in doing so, learn about myself and other people.

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